Introduction to the meeting

With the rapid advance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of things, robots have been widely used in industries, logistics, services and other fields, and the size of the global market continues to grow. The global robot market is expected to reach

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Robotic ecological innovation concept and frontier trend.

Exchange meetings between major enterprises and end users in the same industry.

Better links between innovative technologies and application scenarios.

Get cutting-edge innovations and solutions.

Meeting Highlights


mainstream innovative solutions


robot ecological chain enterprises


robot solution provider


industry application decision makers

LT Award

Why participate


Path and trend of AI+ robot innovation?

Future logistics is soft, how to master the real value of AI+ robot?

How far is technology innovation from application landing?

Multi-product thinking and focus on the scene how to choose?

How to find suitable robot solutions in the homogeneous competition of the industry?

How do multiple AGV applications respond to rapid technology iterations? Is it reconstruction or reconstruction?

How to achieve multi-brand robot (AGV) application collaboration?

How should the robot ecosystem be redefined?


Meeting details


Guest Speaker

Daming Lu

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group's Logistics Co., Ltd.

Gu Yi people

Sinopharm Logistics Co., Ltd.

Zhang Qingsong

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group's Logistics Co., Ltd.

Kang Yong Wei

Netease koala automation planning director

Wang Yinxue

LT Institute Expert Consultant

Xu Wei

Tasly Group Co., Ltd., and Director of Logistics

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